Getting perfect.

I have an obsession with perfect. But right now my body is not perfect. And neither is the food I've been putting in it lately either. While shopping at Target today, I came across Jillian Michael's book called Making the Cut. I bought it.

I've decided to use this blog to keep track of my progress. I'd like to start it tomorrow, so I am gonna go out tonight and get a couple of things so that I don't have an excuse in the morning when it's time to figure out what to eat.

I took the little test thingy in the book and it says I am a Balanced Oxidizer. I'll title each blog post with the day and then in the post I'll list my menu and the workout I'm supposed to do. Because I am a pre-planner, these posts will be posted the night before. And then I'll let you know the actual day of if I did indeed stick to the plan. (I BETTER STICK TO THE PLAN!).