I'm taking a few minutes....

...to update.

Let's see...things haven't been as crazy as it may seem with me being AWOL, but I have been super busy with stuff for school. I've watched 27 out of the 40 or so Disney movies I need to watch. I'm actually pretty behind; I was hoping to be done by now. I have to still write the paper (20ish pages) and then I have two other long papers due the same week. One of those I can churn out pretty quick but the other one I haven't even started the research on yet! And then there's finals. Yikes. I've got to get my act together. But why does it seem that all I do is school work? Hmmm....

I haven't been the best in the nutrition department lately either. I've managed not to gain any weight (I'm still at a 13 pound loss since the beginning of March), but I'm not doing my best to make sure the food I'm eating is wholesome or balanced. I did make some fabulous dishes the past two days though. Skillet enchiladas and corn & potato chowder. Both vegetarian, and they're on my food blog (link on the side over there).

The husband and I are looking for a house. That's right. You read correctly. We are finally going to be MOVING. Well, that is if we can find a place to live. I think we have a pretty decent budget/down payment, but it seems that there isn't anything in the locations we want. Or there are astronomical monthly fees that go along with them in the case of high-rise lofts and such. We've looked for acreages as well, and so far nothing in our price range that has a livable home on it already. We've also looked for just single family homes in just about every area we'd like to live and even a few places we hadn't considered before. This is frustrating. We're probably being too picky. There are some nice foreclosures in really great neighborhoods, but we're not sure we want to stay out here in suburbia. Ugh. We've got a lot more thinking to do. And there is the matter of the home we already own. It's still an option, but we need to figure this all out soon so as to give the tenant plenty of time to find a new place to live in the case that we want to move back into that house.

Tomorrow is a school day and I haven't done any laundry recently, and I'm pretty sure everything that is clean needs to be ironed. I'm thinking it's going to be a sweatpants day tomorrow. I have been craving a bagel from the Einstein's on campus, so I'm not going to pack a full lunch. Just an orange and maybe an Odwalla bar. I'm also going to be bringing the laptop to school (so heavy though...bah) to get some stuff done....but I have to be sure not to screw around on it. I need to get stuff DONE.

The doggy and I are chillin here watching the hubs play Guitar Hero. He's pretty good at it. I'm terrible at it. I am just really bad with anything music related anyways, even if it is just colored plastic buttons. But I'm getting very sleepy, or at least my eyes are tired from all the watching, so I am going to get in bed. I usually don't go to sleep until 10 so I'm just going to read for an hour. Maybe I'll fall asleep sooner.

Okay, that's all I got for now. Have a good evening kids.



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So exciting about the house hunt!

Totally get a loft downtown so I can be jealous of yet another 1 of my friends living in a city.

I miss Philly. :(

Hey lady, your blondies are a hot ticket item on the blog sale today.