Updates on boringness

The NOLA trip was really fun but I didn't get to spend enough time with any of my pals. The husband and I did go to Harrah's on Friday night and as usual I lost money and he had to win it back for me. The Westin above the Shops at Canal is absolutely amazing. I am thinking they heat the tile floor or something? How do they keep it warm all the time like that?! The bed was heavenly, as they advertise. We had a great view of the river and the French Quarter.

We had lunch at Coop's Place on Saturday with Kat and her husband, Michelle, and Jen and her husband.. I got the Pasta Opelousas (shrimp, tasso, boneless chicken, Creole green beans, & shiitake mushrooms sauteed in a garlicky alfredo base, lightened with wine). It was a little spicy for me, but that's not unusual. It was good though. I gave all the chicken to the husband because I am not a fan. He ordered the Shrimp and Crawfish Po' Boy on french and dressed, but the waitress brought him just a Shrimp Po' Boy. He didn't try to correct it. He says it was nothing special that he couldn't get back home. He also ordered a Woodchuck Amber for the first time. I took a sip and I must say I like! We walked around the French Quarter a lot and took in the sights and of course my camera battery was dead so I didn't take any cool pics.

For dinner that night we went to Pierre Maspero's with Jen and her husband. I ordered the Salmon. It was delicious and I couldn't finish it so I fed the rest of it to the husband. He ordered the Sampler and was impressed. We walked around Bourbon Street despite the fact that half of it didn't have power for some time. But I guess that's what candles are for. I'm not really impressed with Bourbon Street and I honestly don't think I'd waste the time there anymore. J & P showed us a cool place called Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop. I'm sure it was cool anyways....it was so cold and we ended up sitting outside so we didn't really get to experience it.

We left on Sunday kind of early after getting breakfast at Cafe du Monde and eating our beignets in the park in front of the St. Louis Cathedral. That's the picture (in case you couldn't figure it out!). We drove home and on the way stopped off at Prejean's in Lafayette. We ordered an appetizer of alligator tail (which as usual was a little spicy for me but so delicious). I ordered the Crawfish Enchiladas (fresh crawfish tails, chilies & cheeses rolled in flour tortillas, topped with our Crawfish and Creole Sauce, cheddar cheese and baked golden) and they were DIVINE. They came with rice dressing and corn macque choux and a salad. The rice dressing was just okay, but the corn, my God the corn. It was delicious. I admit, I didn't know what a corn macque choux was and when I saw it on my plate I was like "hhhhm...corn in a mini pie shell.." But honey....it was so good. I think I dreamt about it that night. He ordered the Red Snapper Pontchartrain (eight ounce filet of fresh red snapper, pan sautéed and topped with Crawfish and Brown Butter Sauce. Served with a baked potato and corn macque choux). He liked it. Despite the fact that we both liked our food, we probably wont make the stop again (unless I'm dying of corn macque choux withdrawals).

We also stopped at L'auberge du Lac casino on the way home. He wanted to play some video blackjack again like he did at Harrah's but LdL doesn't have it. Blast! I sipped on some root beer while I watched him win some money playing video poker. He also insisted I put some money into the Wheel of Fortune penny slot, and I of course lost practically all of it. But that's just my luck.

Back to reality...

I had an exam on Tuesday that I was dreading A LOT. But I came out of it okay, and I think I may actually get a decent grade on it.

I'm still sick. It's not the flu anymore, but maybe a sinus thing? I don't know, but my head hurts and so do my teeth (weird). I just want to sleep all the time too!

I have a book report due next Thursday and I'm not through reading the book. I went today to find a shorter different book, but neither bookstore had it. Apparently bookstores don't like to carry 18 year old books. Phooey. If I would have been on top of this I could have ordered the book online a long time ago and had it by now. Oh well. The book I'm writing on is interesting and I wanted to read it anyways (The United States and the Origins of the Cold War by John Lewis Gaddis).

Let's see. I've got a lot of other schoolwork to do, all of it pretty boring and maybe I'll fill you in on it when it gets down to the wire and I need to vent about how much I hate working on it.

We're going to see Stephen Lynch this Saturday. He's a comedian/musician I guess. I've never heard of him, but apparently his show was selling out and my friend wanted to go so he got us tickets to go with him. I hope it's a good show! I've been wanting to see a comedian lately.

And that's about it for now. I'm going to try to get in bed and read a little bit before falling asleep. Maybe I'll remember to take the camera to school tomorrow. I want to get some pics of the cougar statues in front of the E. Cullen Building so maybe you'll see those soon.



Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The hotel I was telling you to stay at is the International House Hotel (room 306).

I do not have any more Z-Paks in the travel drawer, so we must be out.

What book were you going to use? I have an Amazon Prime account and get things shipped overnight for $3.99 or 2 day for free. I could have it shipped to you. I'm thinking about sticking with the Cold War one.

  Katie Borne

Saturday, April 04, 2009

I'm so sad that we didn't get to spend more time with y'all! I'm glad that we finally got to meet up though. You'll have to let us know if you'll be in the area again!!