Weekend Shenanegans

I gave the hubs his Easter basket this morning. He was so excited! I didn't ever get around to dying any eggs though. Boo. I think Kosmo was a little jealous that he didn't get anything. Am I a bad furmom because I honestly didn't think to get the dog an Easter treat?

Friday night we did end up going out to a place called Brickhouse Tavern + Tap. It's a pretty neat place that's really "guy" oriented. Kinda like Hooters but less tacky. I wanted to try out some ciders but all they had there was the Woodchuck Pear. Boo. So I didn't get anything. We were there for a while, the boys drank from a beer bong thing and we just talked. Some other people at the table ordered food before we ever got there and didn't get it until like an hour after we got there. So I'm thinking you should not go there expecting good service. We left and everyone else was going to some other places, but we decided to call it a night. We were pretty tired.

For breakfast on Saturday:

1/2 cup granola (hiding under everything), 1 banana, 1 cup strawberries, 1 Tbsp chopped up pecans, and 1 cup skim milk (half in the bowl, half in the glass). I think this is a tie with the PB & Banana sammich for my favorite breakfast. I ate this at around 830 AM and I didn't even start getting hungry at all again until around 2 PM. So, very filling.

We went to a crawfish boil on Saturday afternoon at a place called Vintage Lounge. I really don't like that place. Not my kind of people. It's very Rice University Frat Party. I was the only girl there not wearing a long flowy dress with fancy flip flops, an it-bag, and perfectly coiffed hair. Now, that's not the bad part, because I really do appreciate fashion. The bad part is when those girls snickered at the fact that my hair was in a clip. Sorry ladies, my hair doesn't do big Jessica Simpson waves, all right? I thought we were adults and no longer in high school...but please know that if we were still in high school, I would have totally kicked your ass in the cafeteria for everyone to see. But I am a classy lady now and childishness is not my thing.

But back to the crawfish boil. I had a dilemma. I haven't been eating meat (since the beginning of April I've picked as much meat as possible out of my food, and the last meat meal I consumed at all was April 6). But I do love me some crawfish. I ended up having about 10-15 crawfish tails. I don't really feel guilty about it. On Friday, we're going to another crawfish boil that one of the husband's vendors throws for all his clients every year. It's a wonderful party with lots of great Zydeco music and the kids run around and dance and everyone sits at long tables family style and just chows down. I am planning on eating the crawfish there as well. I'm still easing into this and I think I'm doing well. I guess this is my "flexitarian" stage. I can say that I don't think I'll miss the crawfish that much, due to a crappy season with teeny tiny little baby crawfish. I was told that the water levels are too low or something and so their ecosystem is affected, leaving the crawfish with less food so they don't grow as big or reproduce as much. The crawfish this year have been very expensive and not that great, which does help me to not feel like I'll miss them next year.

But there's more to the meat story. After the crawfish boil (and a Jolly Rancher/Air-Soft pistol war in a friend's apartment), we went out to our usual Midtown haunts, Tipsy Clover and Shot Bar (I still despise Shot Bar, but it's a friend's favorite, so I deal). Tipsy had cider, but only Woodchuck Amber (which I really like) - I drank three. There were Malibu girls at Shot Bar and they gave us some free shots and we got to keep the cute little shot glasses:

We of course had to hit up the drunky food after the bars kicked us out. I wanted to go to Little Bigs, but the guys had that for lunch, so we took our usual booth at BB's. I wanted something without meat, but I wasn't really wanting the Captain America like I used to always get, and I wasn't wanting something sweet. So I got nachos. I must have read the menu wrong and thought it said chile con queso, but apparently it said chili and queso. Oops. But I scraped most of it off, fed it to the boys and got a side of sour cream to dip my cheese and chips in. It worked out okay because I barely ate any of it.

We went back to the friend's apartment to sober up and watched Nitro Circus and got home before 5 AM. Good times.



Monday, April 13, 2009

LOL, KA, do I need to get you and I'm a Bar Hound teeshirt?

You guys are too funny with your drinks and late nites.