I did it!

The yoga that is! I did the Gentle Hatha Yoga #1 FREE 20-minute beginner class from Yoga Download. I didn't even have to put Kosmo outside. He got bored with me after like a minute and a half of me ignoring him and went to chew on his bone.

Wow. I really like that. It is much more relaxing when you don't have a bunch of punks bugging you while you do it. I noticed that my downward dog got much better and easier as I continued through the sequence. I had a bit of trouble with the following poses:

-Tree. I have zero balance. I must have looked like a tree in a storm the way I was swaying side to side. But when the instructor said to focus on something in front of me, it got easier. I'm sure my balance will get much better with practice.

-Half Pigeon. It was just awkward and I don't think I did it right. I think if I do manage to get myself into a face-to-face beginner class, I'd really benefit from an instructor helping me to get my form right.

-Dead Bug. I just couldn't figure out what she wanted me to do. I didn't want to get up and look at the pose sheet again to see, so I just kind of went with it. I think I did it right for the most part, but I had my knees and feet too close together.

All in all, I really liked this class and I'll do it again tomorrow. As I type, I can feel my body just lovin on itself from all the twisting and stretching. It really feels good. Definitely more relaxed than after my attempt last night.

Two thumbs up!! When I get a little better at this yoga thing, I really think I'll buy the longer versions of this class and maybe branch out and try something different.

I made a smoothie for breakfast. I didn't take a picture because I forgot to bring the camera downstairs and I really didn't want to go get it. I know, how lazy.

Smoothie ingredients:
-unsweetened plain Almond Breeze
-Ataulfo mango (which, BTW, I like so much better than the other mangoes I'd been buying. I don't know what kind those are)
-half a pear
-flax meal
-1 Tbsp vanilla protein powder

At first I thought it was a little to chalky from the protein powder, but I guess it dissolved better as I drank it or something because it didn't bother me after that. Lots of fruit & veggie servings though! Like 4-5 just in that one serving! I'm going to go get the other half of the pear that I cut up and eat it with some melon (cantaloupe and watermelon) in a little bit. I need to boil some eggs so I can have some hard boiled egg whites with my fruit/veggie snacks. I gotta get my meals more balanced.

I hope everyone has a good day!



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Congrats on doing the yoga!

I love pigeon pose but it is awkward. Tree pose is hard and the best thing to do is look down your nose, soften your eyes, and focus on 1 spot while holding the pose.

  Alana @ The Good Girl Gone Blog

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Congrats, dear! I'm thinking of trying out a yoga class at some point. You should totally come. (Too bad we don't live near each other haha.)

  Kristan Anne

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alana - I totally would go with you. We can be falling over beginner nerds together! :)

Erin - I am going to make sure I keep my eyes open next time. I kept falling over with my eyes closed.