Wife of the Year

I pretty much sucked at dinner last night. I was super excited about this dinner and talked about it for like 2 days.

See, it all started because I wanted mashed potatoes. The husband isn't the biggest fan of mashed potatoes, so I needed some spectacular main course to feed him so that he wouldn't be all butthurt that I made mashed potatoes to go with it. This has always worked in the past. He'll eat a few bites of the potatoes, but he'll be so busy having seconds of the main course that it won't bother him that he didn't clean his plate of the potatoes.

I had the idea to make meatloaf because hubby likes it there would be tons of leftovers and he could have as much meat as he wants. Only I completely forgot that he likes that ketchup topping stuff on it, which I do not know how to make. I grew up eating meatloaf sans ketchup topping and never even knew it existed until I got into adulthood. Oh, and somehow the meatloaf came out extra bland.

This genius also overcooked the corn. How one manages to screw up frozen corn kernels in an effing microwave is beyond me, but leave it to me to manage that one.

And to top it off, I made some iced tea. We've both been on an iced tea kick and I finally re-upped my supply of Luzianne tea bags (the ONLY acceptable bag for iced tea thankyouverymuch). So I get out my coffee maker and it smelled like coffee. I figured I needed to clean it out. I found some handy instructions online for cleaning it by running a pot of vinegar water through it, and then running 2 full pots of cold water through it to rinse it out. So I did that. And now our iced tea tastes like vinegar and coffee. Barf.

And you know what? The only part of dinner that worked out was the mashed potatoes. Oops.



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ah, I suppose we all have our moments in the kitchen, right?

For example, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law visited this weekend and I made waffles one morning. Totally messed them up. The batter I made from scratch (my husband's family's recipe) completely liquefied and got stuck in the waffle maker. Had to haul out the Bisquick to save breakfast.

Gotta laugh about it! :)


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Does he like BBQ sauce? I make this BBQ Meatloaf (a Cooking Light Recipe) and it's SO good!