Menu Plan Monday 10/4 through 10/10

I have a bare bones meal plan this week, meaning it's not a full week's worth of menus, but I'm thinking those days will just be leftover nights. Hopefully the new recipes I'm trying are good! I am going to do another round of freezer cooking next week, so we'll see if the pineapple-ginger chicken recipe makes the cut. The tater tot casserole is also slightly different than how I usually make it, but we'll try it out anyways. I found both of those on a seemingly dormant freezer cooking blog, and I will be lightening them up A LOT.

Mexican pizza (on homemade dough), salad
Tater tot casserole, salad
Pineapple-ginger chicken bake, broccoli
Chicken breast, brown rice, hubby's choice of frozen veggies (I bet he'll pick carrots!)
Tuna salad sandwiches, apple slices, green beans

What are you making this week?