Shutterly holiday to get yours FREE!

How does your family send out holiday greetings? Do you carefully construct delicate cards by hand with glitter and fancy embellishments? Do you just send out a mass email to everyone in your contact list? Perhaps you buy cards after the holidays are over when they’re like 90% off and then send those out the next year.

I’ve done all of the above. I really love the look of handcrafted cards, but even before I had my son, I tended to run out of time to make enough to send to everyone on my list. And the clearance greeting cards, while it’s great to save a bunch of money, well…sometimes they’re not the greatest cards because the selection is always picked over after the holiday.

In my opinion, the perfect compromise is to order photo cards! It’s great, you still get the personalization of creating your masterpiece, but they’re also inexpensive and someone else does all the work for you. Plus you have the added bonus of having the photo right there on the card instead of having to enclose them separately in another card.

This year I’m trying out Shutterfly’s Christmas cards, because the designs they feature are fresh and new. The designs from the site I have previously used are the same year after year and to be honest - they feel a little stale. Shutterfly offers cards for other occasions as well, like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and New Years.

I think I will even get some gift tags as well. I love the Harmonious Noir Gift Tag, it’s so elegant! I would show you what cards I'll be ordering, but then you wouldn't be surprised at how cute they are when you get one in your mailbox. ;)

There’s even better news, Shutterfly is giving away 50 holiday cards to bloggers! Here’s how to score your own set.

So what do you think? Are you going to participate to get your free cards? If you don’t blog, are you at least going to check out the selection? I think you should, because they have some really great cards to choose from.