I'm exhausted.

School today was exhausting. I don't know why. Maybe it was the traffic. Driving for 1.5 hours each way is pretty tiring. That and I got to school with only about 5 minutes to spare (even with leaving 15 minutes *earlier* than I had planned!) and I was sure I knew where my first class was. MH 112. Yeah, MH stands for Melcher Hall, not McIlhenney Hall. Blast! Of course, McI hall is on the complete opposite side from where I parked, I booked it over there only to realize I had the buildings confused, looked at a map and lo and behold, the building I was supposed to be in 5 minutes ago is right across from where I parked. So I had to scramble my ass all the way back, all out of breath and walk in front of everyone to find the last vacant seat while the prof was talking. So embarrassing.

And then I'm in the class for all of 20 minutes and it's inauguration time and we're released early. Being an American history lover that enjoys all things presidential, you'd think I'd be excited to watch this thing. Yeah, no. I didn't vote for the guy, and I was not about to watch this thing with people all fainting all over the place and holding their hands in the air like he's some sort of god or something. I decided not to try to find a spot where I could see a TV. I'll still watch it, that's what the internet is for. I learned later from a 74 year old US history prof that has watched many momentous inaugurations and other events (the guy has been around since before WWII, he's seen practically EVERYTHING!) that it was pretty dull and lackluster save for some stumbling of words or something. So I'm glad I didn't hang around in the chaos to try to catch a glimpse of it.

So far my classes are very interesting and I'm eager to start getting down to business. These classes are why I love history. The topics I'll be studying this semester are what I've been waiting to be able to take.

So now I've got an inch thich stack of documents to read for my Drinking, Smoking & Hard Drugs class, and a few chapters in a couple of textbooks, plus about 100 pages in Truman (David McCullough) to get through.

And my neck is killing me. Not like a crick in the neck, but I've got this giant lump right under my chin that has been throbbing since Sunday night. At first I thought it was a swollen lymph node, but I'm not sick. I had a tiny cold sore, but it's basically gone. And this thing is not off to one side like my lymph nodes usually are when they swell...so I don't really know what it is. And of course I just cancelled my insurance (I only have major medical right now, until May) so if this doesn't chill out, I'm gonna have to pay some major dollars at the doctor's office only for them to prescribe some extra strength ibuprofen and tell me to get some rest. I hate the doctor's office.

If you can't find me, I probably fell asleep in my books. ;)



Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Boo, KA I hope that you feel better soon. I know what it's like to not have insurance so I feel for you.

I also agree with you on the innauguration too. I didn't watch it (mainly cause I was at work) But towards the end of the day I was tired of hearing about it and the forum was consumed by it too. Blech.