*crawls back in*

I have been gone for a LOOOOONG time. My friends are all creating fabulous blogs now though, and I'm getting all jealous. So I'm back. Check out Erin's blog and Beth's blog.

School has been keeping me very very busy. And I've been pretty sick for about a week now. The doctor says it's the flu but I think it's ebola or something evil that just won't go away.

Soooo. It's Spring Break. So far, Saturday was a blast. Although I did have midterm (for my Sixties class) earlier that day (that I think I did very well on). But then we went out for G's birthday. Midtown as usual, and I was sick, but it was good times. Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day and we did Hudson's. I was very bored at first but it got better.

Other than that, Spring Break sucks. I'm pretty bored with it. I have a midterm on Tuesday so I should study for that, and some other pressing assignments to get done. But I just don't want to. The weather is nice and I'd like to get to the beach. I even think I look just okay in my bikini. Which is crazy talk.

Okay, well, since there's nothing interesting happening, I'm gonna try to drum up some fun for later.