So the husband and I are leaving today to go meet some pals (!!!) in New Orleans. We're not leaving until late afternoon and we're driving so we'll get in pretty late. Not that we can't get into some shenanegans late in NOLA, but I figured we'd take it easy when we get there and hit up Harrah's. The husband has been working his ass off with 13 hour days at work 7 days a week and of course he'll be driving (men! lol) so he's gonna be pretty wiped I think. Plus, I've been pretty sick for weeks now and I'm just about better, so I want to push back the partying as much as I can (which is just going to be tonight I'm sure) in the hopes of a speedier full recovery.

I've got so much to do today, packing, getting some last minute goodies for the drive, getting my nails re-did. I've also got to get all my schoolwork organized so that I can figure out what to take with me to work on during the 6-7 hour drive. I really need to not slack off. I've got a midterm on Tuesday (last one! Weee!) and some other stuff due, plus about 23439808 more books to read (not by Tuesday but SOON).

So, I've realized my blog is pretty boring. No pics and I don't update it enough. I really need to make a little more effort. For the negative 6 people that actually read this thing, I'm sorry I've slacked so much. I'm going to start carrying the cammy to school with me to get pics of interesting things. I always think of stuff to blog about at school, but I never get around to doing it.

Okay, so that's all for now. I've got to get out of bed (yes, I'm still in bed while writing this!) and get crackin on my list. Only 8 more hours until we leave!!