I thank you for your abundance of recipes, especially those from Cooking Light magazine.

However, I am wondering why most of the meatless recipes are frittatas and pasta dishes. It seems like there are a lot more possiblities for meatless meals, but maybe your publication isn't taking advantage of the abundance.

I'd also like to add that "full rack of lamb" is not a meatless dish. Neither is "pork tenderloin", or shrimp, chicken, or beef. This is something that maybe you should speak to your web team about fixing. The database search is a little "off".

My recipe browsing experience on your website would be much enhanced if these matters were taken care of.

Much love,



Monday, April 13, 2009

Amen sister! I've had the same observations about that website in the past....


Thursday, April 16, 2009

If you want some more recipe ideas you can check out It's a public health campaign I work on which encourages Americans to reduce their meat consumption to help their health. We have a huge recipe archive on the site.