Opening Day!

First of all - GO 'STROS!!!! Here's a pic of THE CUTEST BASEBALL CAP EVER.

Saturday morning I woke up and ate breakfast. It was an orange, a lemon poppyseed scone, a small handful of pecans and some tea. And some light reading on the Cold War.

After breakfast, I went to school for my United States history class covering the 60's. Technically the class is US 1961-1976 or something like that, but we've been focusing mainly on all the "sixties" stuff. Civil rights & other movements, Vietnam, etc. It's an interesting class. I like the content but it starts to get really old when I feel like I'm only being taught one side of the story. But I'm smart enough to find out stuff on my own so it's not that big of a deal. It happens in every class. But I did leave there that day with the worst headache I've ever had. I'm going to be nice and attribute it to my sinus/flu/pneumonia/bubonic plague issue that has been ongoing FOREVER now though. I didn't end up eating any lunch because I knew we'd be eating dinner soon and I wanted to indulge. Plus I wasn't hungry.

After I went home and took some medicine and rested a bit, we went to the Verizon Wireless Theatre to see the Stephen Lynch concert. I'll be honest here, I had no idea who he was but man he was hilarious. But you should know, if you are easily offended and cannot laugh when something is funny...this is not the show for you. Stay home and watch Murder, She Wrote or something. I'm glad my friend forced us to go, and I'm thinking about buying some of this guy's albums. His newest is called "3 Balloons".

Before the show, we went to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner because it was right next door and the least fancy of all the places nearby. The wait was an hour and a half but my genius husband was able to get us a table in only 30 minutes or so...I don't know his secret. I think I'll keep him though. I ordered the Twisted Mac, Chicken & Cheese (A grilled chicken breast tops off twisted Cavatappi pasta tossed in a lightly spiced 3-cheese sauce, with garlic, roasted red peppers and Romano parsley bread crumbs. Served with a side of garlic toast). I picked off the chicken and fed it to the husband. It was delicious! We inhaled our food and went over to watch the show.

After the show we stopped by a friend's new home. The party was already started but we joined in and played Drinking Catchphrase. We split into teams of guys vs. girls and whoever had the game in their hand when the buzzer went off, they had to drink. It was much fun. For the record, not that we were keeping score, but the girls won. Of course. We were running out of sustinence so we walked a couple of blocks to a really cool bar called Cedar Creek where we all had some Irish Car Bombs. I also ordered an Ace Pear Cider and we continued playing Catchphrase right there in the bar. Well out on the patio. And yes, people were staring. But I think they were just jealous because we were having a fabulous time.

After the bar closed we went over to BB's Cajun Cafe (best place ever by the way). Mike was there as usual to take our order. I was craving something sweet so I ordered the Pancake Munchies made with chocolate chips. The boys both got The Southern Man, which is eggs, cheese grits, bacon or sausage, a biscuit and a piece of fried catfish. We also shared an appetizer of Fried Pickles and Jalepenos. The food is so good there. I try to order something different each time. I've never been disappointed. I've had the Captain America, which is the Southern Man without the catfish, a hamburger (they have the BEST tiny little crunchy french fries!) and the Pecan Crusted French Toast. This place is seriously awesome and no one I know has ever been disappointed. And they have daquiris to geaux, FYI.

Sunday was a lazy day. I read most of the day. I'm trying to get my reading done so that I can write a report for Thursday. I should actually be reading right now, but I'm going to continue doing this and then updating the Delicious Disaster blog as well with the dinner I made on Sunday. It was a vegetarian Garden Lasagna recipe. You can see it over there. Then the husband and I walked the doggy and then watched some TV.

Speaking of the dog, I got a fabulous picture of him doing his thing in the back yard. I love this picture!

And that leaves us with today. But it's been mostly boring so far and nothing exciting to report.

Have a great Monday everyone!



Monday, April 06, 2009

Hi Kosmo!
That late night food stop sounds right up my alley. Yum!


Monday, April 06, 2009

I've never been to Cedar Creek, but we used to go to Onion Creek. That was before I went back to school and got boring.

Next time you are in Montrose skip BBs and go to Little Bigs across the street. They have the best fries and I love the vegetarian sliders. My husband says the beef ones are a little dry sometimes, but my friend Tara says that the chicken ones are good. Mmmmm...they have milkshakes too!

Misha's review:

  Kristan Anne

Monday, April 06, 2009

Oooh! I saw that on his blog the other day and then someone else told me to go there. I noticed it was right across the street from BB's when we were there, too. We'll have to check it out next weekend. Thanks for the tip on the veggie sliders!