Evening walk + maniac.

I ended up eating a late lunch with Mom because she wanted to go out. We walked around Target and Marshall's first and then went to Jason's Deli. I got some really cute stuff at Target. I planned to model it for y'all but I looked so fat and icky in everything that I thought was cute in the dressing room. :( But I'm not trying to throw myself a pity party, so let's move on...

I didn't get anything at Marshall's. I was looking for one of these in the French Bull pattern. Mom said she saw them at the TJ Maxx near one of her stores. They did have a Market Tote style in the Dot Pattern for $14.99 though. Pretty good deal! Mom's going to check the TJ Maxx for it.

I got the Portobello Garden Pasta from Jason's Deli. It's yummy. A little bit too much cheese though. It's a WHOLE LOTTA calories and a WHOLE LOTTA fat. Oops. NOW I know not to get that again. :(

Stopped by stupid Walmart to grab some produce, which I hate to do, but it was the only place on the way home. Suprisingly, the produce was pretty fresh and they had some good deals. I spent $3.67 on a package of scallions, a package of strawberries, 4 mangoes, and a bunch of cilantro. But I guess there's a reason why it's so cheap. :/

The hubs and I went for a walk with mini-maniac today. He's a maniac because he pretty much looks like this 24/7 (true story):

We saw a bunch of cute little critters!

This little lady was a momma to a bunch of cute baby bunnies, but they scampered off safely into the brush nearby.

See that little turtle sticking out of the water in the bottom left? Such a cutie.

Kosmo played hide & seek:

And then he chased some birds (don't worry, he was on the leash and we weren't gonna actually let him get them):

I like how this bird was like "What? Dogs aren't scary." See how Kosmo's feet are not even touching the ground? But that bird is just chillin. He's a hard ass macho bird.

And look, I even got y'all some flowers! You're welcome. :P