I am a culinary genius.

Okay, for all the real culinary geniuses out there, I am indeed NOT a culinary genius. But I *do* feel like one.

This morning I could not decide what to have for stupid breakfast (we have a love/hate relationship). I didn't want to make a bunch of noise with the blender. I've been wanting to try huevos rancheros lately. Yes, I live in an area where Tex-Mex abounds. No, I have not ever tried huevos rancheros in all of my almost 26 years.

I do know how to make that dish though. Only I didn't have any corn tortillas. I forgot those and salsa at the store. Bummer. But I *did* have some leftover taco rice in the fridge.... (imagine light bulb over head here). Hey, eggs and rice go together all the time in other cuisines.

I sprayed a pan with nonstick spray over medium-highish heat (ours goes from 1-9 + Hi...it was between 7 & 8). Then I poured in a layer of rice and kind of shaped it in a circle. I let that sizzle for a bit and then cracked a jumbo egg on top. I spread around the egg white to get it to fill in the "cracks" between the rice. Let that sizzle for a bit. I lowered the heat to like 5 or 6. I lifted it all up on my spatula and sprayed the pan again, then flipped it. Let it hang around in the pan for a sec. Then I poured in some green chile enchilada sauce. Let that hang around for a little bit too. Then I plated the rice + egg, and poured the green sauce over that. Crumbled on some Andes Traditional panquechue Chilean cheese and some cilantro.

It looked like a masterpiece. Would it taste like one? A resounding yes from all the judges!! (Just me, by the way).

Eaten with some mango:

Now, I'm sure someone, somewhere has already created this dish. I don't know what it's called and I've never heard of it. If it exists (I hope it does, people need to experience this!), can anyone tell me what it's called? If it doesn't exist, what should we call this thing?

Moving along. I only ate twice yesterday, but I had a big, late lunch and was not hungry at all for anything after that. Until it was bedtime. I ate about a cup of watermelon + salt:

I don't know if this is a regional thing or not, but sometimes people look at me funny or question my desire to eat salt on watermelon. If you have not tried this, please do. The salt just does something for the melon. It doesn't taste like salt anymore once it touches the watermelon. It kind of melts into it and helps the watermelon be more delicious. I don't know how to explain it. You don't need a ton, and I've only tried it with table salt. Just a little sprinkle should suffice. I first tried it when a relative from Florida (he lived in Florida, but grew up in Jersey) introduced me to this trick. Do you do this or have you heard of this? If so, do you know if it's a regional thing?

I'm supposed to be going onto campus today to study with a classmate for our final tomorrow. He hasn't contacted me. To be honest, I don't feel like going all the way up there and sitting in the hot ass library. I'm gonna start studying here and wait for his call.

Lunch needs to involve the lentils I made the other night. I'd like to use them up. And now that I've opened a can of whoop ass green enchilada sauce, I need to figure out what to make with the rest of that. If only I could always be a culinary genius. *Le sigh* (that's French for *sigh*, right?).

My sister (from Austin) is coming to town this weekend to hang with the Momma. She's a veggie too, I just found out, so we can share ideas and she'll be happy to know there's plenty of stuff for her to eat while she's here without having to scrounge around for stuff.

I'll check back with you kids later. Gotta get my re-learnin' on.



Friday, May 08, 2009

I promise not to read anymore until I'm done with my paper!

I was advised to stay the heck away from the library as it's still really hot and completely crowded. I'm in an empty office at Alert Logic working on my paper. It's nice, quiet, and cool here!