Hi kids.

I don't have much to report tonight. I've been pretty lazy all day. I meant to go to the grocery store, but I've been sitting here like a giant blob feeling all sorry for myself because I saw some not so flattering pics. I've realized that I need to be proactive and get my ass in gear to do what I need to do to feel better.

I'm officially enrolled in the Chunkster Club. I'm sure I'll be a lifetime member. In an effort to feel a little better about all of this, I grabbed my 5 lb weights and did a bunch of arm exercises and then I did 100 crunches. We have those Perfect Push-up things, and holy crap are they hard. I did three of them! LOL

I downloaded a couple of the free 20 minute classes from YogaDownload. I was going to do the Lunar Flow class tonight, but I think I'll just do the regular Hatha Yoga #1 tomorrow morning instead. I'd also like to go for a jog and get some cardio in.

It's so strange. I felt really good about myself on Saturday all day in Galveston. Then Saturday night, we went out with friends and I saw the pics from that night and I all of a sudden feel like complete shit. Why is that? I even have a really cute picture of myself from Saturday; one in which I was actually pleased with the progress that I've made. Then pictures taken that same night make me feel like a big blob of disgusting.

Ah well. I will feel better later, especially after I get some activity in.