Plan for tomorrow!

In more of an effort to stop feeling sorry for myself, I'm gonna get tomorrow planned out as much as I can here. I need to have stuff "scheduled" if I'm gonna stick to it, so here it goes:

-Jog 1.5 miles
-Breakfast: Smoothie - Pineapple, spinach, almond milk, vanilla protein powder, maybe some canned pears if I have some...
-Grocery store (I have a list!)
-Yoga Downloads Gentle Hatha Yoga
-Lunch: Israeli couscous salad (couscous, tomatoes, red bell pepper, corn, black beans, scallions, cilantro)
-Dinner: Skillet Enchiladas
-Walk Kosmo 1.5 miles
-Lower body exercises

I'll snack on some fruit as needed. I'm thinking there will be lots of watermelon involved. *nom*