I ate a brat today.

I snacked on some cheese and crackers around noon. It was the Kerrygold Ivernia cheddar and some reduced fat Wheatables. Very tasty.

Lunch was leftover pasta with a tomato, parsley, olive oil, and parmesan. Pretty good. I felt very hungry later despite the major calorie load that this was. Not enough complex carbs or protein methinks.

Snacked on a warm pita + hummus taco. No pic.

I played around with the blog all day. I'm not done. I made a new banner. It needs something. I'm trying to see how I want the blog to look. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Dinner was a nice little salad. Spinach, strawberries, walnuts, blue cheese, and raspberry dressing. The dressing was Drew's All Natural Raspberry. It is delicious. Two thumbs up.

But then that's where it went down hill. My stepdad made chicken and bratwurst on the grill. And baked potatoes, hush puppies, and corn on the cob. I made my salad and I was determined not to eat anything else. But, alas, I gave in. See, my decision not to eat meat was because I am just not a fan. Well, I am definitely a fan of brats. So.....I had one. And then ate a potato with some butter. And then two hushpuppies. So, I kind of got a little wild with the unplanned foods. I am not fretting about it, but I can see what led that to happen. I didn't get enough substantial food throughout the day. I should have eaten the salad at lunch and added some more veggies and fruits. And maybe a hard boiled egg or something. But you live and learn, right?

We took the dog for a walk tonight. I'm proud of myself, that's 7 consecutive nights of activity. I'm actually seeing a difference in my body, too. I swear my clothes are fitting better now, and I actually don't mind wearing shorts and tank tops and stuff. The dog is happy too!

I'm still full from all that food at dinner time. Blech.