Oh what a beautiful moooooooorning....

I'm sure it'll be a beautiful daaaaaaay!

I could not stay in bed this morning. It was just too dang hot. So I figured I might as well go for a run. It was nice. The sun was just coming up and all the ducks were out by the lake quacking and waddling around. It was so calm and peaceful. I can't guarantee that I would do this every morning, but it was really a great start to my day today.

I made a huevo ranchero for breakfast this morning. I actually ate it this time though. Here it is paired with strawberries and mango. If it doesn't look like a lot of fruit it's because I ate half of it while I was cutting it up...

I don't remember if I told you how I make this yet. First, you brown a corn tortilla in a hot pan sprayed with a little cooking spray. Flip it over. Then crack an egg on top of the tortilla. The egg white will run over the side a little, and that's okay. The egg will start to cook a little bit, but you'll still have to flip it over. That's the hardest part. The egg will want to slide off of the tortilla. I like to get the biggest, fattest spatula I have and get it under there enough to balance the egg in the center. Try really hard to flip it fast but gentle so you don't break the yolk. I managed to not break it this time until I plated it. How lame. But I guess it makes for a colorful picture! I topped it with some salsa, scallions, cilantro, and a little avocado. It was a very yummy and filling breakfast.

The hubs isn't working overtime this weekend so we're going to go to Galveston! I'm really excited. The weather should be great. We're probably going to get a hotel room for tomorrow night. I haven't been there yet after the big storm last September, so I'm kind of curious how the island is going to look.

I am thinking about hitting up some vintage stores today. I am not looking for anything in particular, and I really don't wear vintage clothes. But I am inspired by Jessica to at least go check out a few shops. We supposedly have a great little area near Rice University that has lots of fun little places. Of course, I've only been to that area for the bars. Oops. I hope I find something cute. I am looking for a funky belt and maybe a necklace with some character. I also would like to find a pretty thing for my hair to dress up some of my sundresses this summer.

There's also a place I want to check out called Sandy's Market. I think I'll have lunch there today (probably a late lunch). It's kind of like a grocery store, but it has a HUGE salad bar and it looks pretty neat. I found it when I was searching for the farmers markets in my area. So I'm thinking they probably carry a lot of local stuff. We'll see.

Well, I've gotta get in the shower if I'm gonna go out today. The longer I sit around playing on the interweb, the less likely it is that I'll go out. Talk to you chickens later!