Lottery Tix + Cream Soda = <3

Dinner was very delicious. It was kind of a convenience junk food night. I used to get this sandwich from Chili's all the time, and I wanted to re-create it. It was the Chicken Ranch Sandwich. I never got the wing sauce on it, but that's easy to add if you like that. And a side of chili cheese fries. Of course a pickle too!

On the toasted onion roll:
-Boca Chik'n pattie
-Light ranch
-Lettuce + Mater

On the skinny fries:
-Amy's Black Bean Chili
-2% cheddar
-Red onions

This meal will be going in the rotation. Well, maybe separately from now on. I think they were both a little too heavy to share a plate in the future.

I was also going to make a strawberry milkshake out of a scoop of strawberry ice cream, fat free vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries, and some almond milk. BUT the hubby came home with some cream soda for me. He thought I'd need some caffeine for the studying. What a sweetie.

He also brought other goodies. Lotto ticket, Twix bar, and a Kit Kat bar. So many vices!! I'll have to save the milk shake for another time. I have such a rough life, don't I?

Back to the books I go. Have a good evening! Wish me luck on my exam tomorrow!



Friday, May 08, 2009

You are too cute with your cream soda addiction.

That meal looks faboosh.


Friday, May 08, 2009

good luck on your exam! I'll be in the library writing this stupid paper tomorrow.