Panic at the Disco Stepford Residence

I'm going to totally bomb this exam. I cannot concentrate enough to study in a decent manner. I've re-read notes, readings, etc. I've gone over what I need to know based on the topics she gave us last class meeting.

But I am not confident that I'm going to remember anything of any substance.

I could stay up all night studying, drag ass into the exam, and pray I do well.


I could get a good night's sleep, get to school a little early and look over all my stuff in the room where I will be taking the exam, and pray I do well.

I want to do the second one, but if I do the first one, maybe I will magically become confident in what I should know? Will that actually happen? Or will I just continue to panic?

Hey, at least I can just take this class again from a better prof in the fall (if, as he says, UH can come up with some money to pay him).

And it's not like getting an A in this class is going to make a difference. I can't graduate with honors anyways, even if I make all As in every class until graduation. I'd still be like .01 points away from cum laude. *grumble*

Can you tell I'm over this? I think I checked out of the semester on Tuesday.



Saturday, May 09, 2009

How did it go? I promise, I'm writing; I'm not reading your blog at all!

  Kristan Anne

Saturday, May 09, 2009

I think it went okay. I don't know. I always think I fail everything until I get the grade back and I do fine after all. :)

You need to take a break from writing!