Almost Done!

Only one more final exam left, boys and girls. Remember that little panic last night? Well, I did not end up studying any more. But I couldn't fall asleep. :-/ I guess I was worrying too much. I got about 5 or 6 hours of sleep though.

Breakfast was a smoothie. Well, about 1/8th of one until PunkAssDog Kosmo sneezed in it. Gross!! I didn't have time to make something else. :( I decided to get a bagel once I got to school.


By the time I got to school, however, my tummy was all in knots and I did not want to put food in it. I didn't know what to do. I knew I shouldn't take the exam on an empty stomach, but I also knew I wouldn't do my best if I was sitting there with an upset stomach. I opted to skip eating. I did fine though, I think. I have to make a minimum of an 80 on it to get an A-, and I think I pulled a B. I didn't think I did all that great on my midterm, but I still pulled an A on that. There was one question that was slightly more detailed than on the review, so I kinda felt unprepared for that section of that question. Thank goodness for BSing skills! :P

I ate when I got home because my stomach wasn't really bothering me anymore. I made a little quesadilla thing out of corn tortillas, the Andes cheese, and some leftover Amy's Black Bean Chili. I also made some guacamole out of some avocado and salsa.

I went to take a nap, but my mom called to say that my sister was at the gate of the neighborhood and needed to be let in. So I got up to go drive up there to open the gate for her, but when I got downstairs she was parked in front of the house. There went my nap!

We went to dinner when the hubs and Mom got home. We had Tex-Mex. My stomach started bugging me again, so I only ate a few chips and 1 of my enchiladas and a couple bites of rice. I feel really icky right now. :(

We're supposed to go out tonight to one of the husband's co-worker's house. I'm really tired, I feel like poo, and I look like hell. I don't know if I can handle putting on the wife show tonight, and then going out for our usual Saturday night shenanegans. Then tomorrow we are going to his mom's for Mother's Day. I can't wait until Tuesday night when I feel like I can really take a break. Tuesday is my last final!!

Well, I'm gonna have to go see if I can manage to look halfway presentable. Have a good evening!