Bad momma.

I forgot Kosmo outside for about 20 minutes. It's hot - 99 with a heat index of 103!. :( He was in the shade, when I remembered to let him back in, but he really wanted to come inside. I feel terrible. Sorry puppy!! He drank lots of water and he's all sprawled out on the bed now. I usually don't ever leave him outside, but he really wanted to go out, and then he didn't want to come back in. So I thought I'd go finish what I was doing and come right back downstairs to let him in. I thought it'd take like 5 minutes. Then I got sidetracked. I should have just waited. He's okay, thank God, but I really should have been more careful.

The final exam went just okay today. Thanks for the well wishes! There was a section that I don't think I did right. I should get partial credit if I did it wrong, but I guess I just didn't fully understand the directions. But that was just one little section of about 8 pages of test, so hopefully it didn't make a huge dent. And there was another section that I knew I'd have trouble with. I studied that stuff extra hard, but I'm not sure I feel confident about it. But I do have a C in the class still even if I get a 0 on the final. Obviously I am hoping to get an A in the class, especially if I want to graduate Magna Cum Laude. I think if I don't get an A in every class from now until graduation that I will only graduate Cum Laude. So I'm shooting for As! I think that's a nice goal to have.

The husband and I had Chipotle for lunch (I wasn't able to get my burrito bowl yesterday as planned) and now I'm satisfied with that craving.

I want to run again tonight. Yeah. You heard that correctly. WANT TO. I am feeling competitive with myself about getting my time down. I'm feeling good, not sore or anything. So I think it should be okay to have another go, right? I haven't done any other exercise today, and I only ran that mile this morning. What say you, oh experienced ones?



Thursday, July 02, 2009

Running is really hard on your body. So my vote is no, do something else, not run again. But I'm far from an uber runner. I just know the biology side of it. :)


Friday, July 03, 2009

As long as you know your limits, I say go for it!

You are rocking out!!

(and don't sweat the Dog thing, I've done that to Camden before LMAO)