Grades are in already for the first session of the summer semester. Good news for me! I made an A in my Bible & Western Culture class and an A- in my Spanish class! I'm so happy! This means Magna Cum Laude honors aren't out of reach. Yay!

I did end up running again yesterday and it was fine. Actually, it was fantastic. The husband came along, but we didn't run together because we run at very different paces. But I finished my mile in 10 minutes flat! That is 29 seconds faster than the mile I ran yesterday morning. I was so excited about that. I'm very surprised that I'm making such good progress, I really thought it would take so much longer to get in the groove of this.

Next week I'm going to add on some distance. I think on Monday I will run on the indoor track at school, and only do one mile. I want to see how the AC affects my time. But the rest of the days I'm going to add an extra couple of laps or so. I'll decide how many when I'm running. I'm just going to see how far I can go so I can determine how much distance I'm actually ready for at this stage. I have a feeling that I'll be able to go farther in the nice air conditioned gym than in the super hot Houston outdoors. I'm sure I won't go any farther than 2 miles though, if that.

Today is a leisurely day. I haven't even gotten out of bed yet except to let the dog in and out! But I got right back in bed. The house is quiet and for once I don't have to do ANYTHING. So I'm playing some little online computer games (Farm Town on Facebook - thanks Lara!, Paperboy on 1980-games, and some other random ones here and there). It feels nice to just relax.

Tomorrow we are going to a friend's party for the Independence Day. If I don't talk to you until then, have a wonderful, safe holiday. Happy Birthday America!



Friday, July 03, 2009

YAY on the running!! and DOUBLE YAY on the grades! I'm so happy for you :)

and hip-hip-hooray for you getting on Farm Town, you'll love it!