I knew this was going to happen soon, because I just have to dive into things too fast. I hurt my leg a little while running. I think I did it yesterday during my indoor run. I didn't run at school today because it still felt a little off. But tonight, the husband asked if I wanted to go run, and I did want to. I thought my leg would be okay, but I guess I thought wrong.

I really don't think it's anything major. It's probably just really sore and sick of running nearly every day since it hasn't seen this much action since the honeymoon ;). But it is very uncomfortable right now, more uncomfortable than I can ever remember it feeling ever in my 25 years. Tomorrow is a mandatory day off no matter how good it feels. And if it doesn't feel any better, I'll lug it over to the doc to see what I should do. Actually, I'll see about stopping into the doc at school tomorrow.

I ran my fastest outdoor mile tonight at 9:48. Last time I ran outside it was 9:56. My fastest time ever was the 9:36 I did in the AC yesterday though. But I think the 9:48 was pretty good considering my leg was all hurty and it was pretty hot.

I'm playing around with my food to see what fuels me the best for this running stuff. Today I ate breakfast at home: multi-grain toast with butter, fried egg, smoothie with banana, blueberry, strawberry, almond milk, and agave nectar. But I forgot to take something with me to eat at school, so even if I did want to run there today, I just didn't have the energy. I definitely need to take food with me to eat before my noon class if I'm planning to run at about 2pm.

Can anyone tell me what I can do for a super sore leg? It's the inside thigh muscle, but lower down towards the knee region if that makes sense. For now I'm gonna take some ibuprofen, a bath, and hit the sack. Right after I harvest some corn on Farm Town. ;)



Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ouch! I'm sorry you're uncomfortable. Other than rest, alternating hot/cold, and ibuprofen, I don't have much advice. If it's near your knee and/or the worst pain you've ever felt, I definitely think having it checked would be a good idea. I know we can stop at the health clinic on campus for free, so, especially if it won't cost you anything, you should get it looked at. Hope it feels better!

OK, explain Farm Town to me. I just added it to fb tonight, and... I don't get it. I harvested some of my crops - potatoes - but I can't get anything else planted. I tried going to the store and buying some tomatoes, but when I try to plant them I get a message that says I can only put them on plowed land (but I did plow land first!) and then they just disappear. What am I doing wrong?

  Kristan Anne

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I think I must have just been being dramatic, because my leg doesn't hurt even a bit this morning. I did the ibuprofen and sat in a warm bath for about 20 mins. And it's good as new! It wasn't knee pain at all, it was thigh muscle pain, but it was just closer to my knee than to my pelvic region. Does that make sense?

I am not sure what to tell you about Farm Town. After you harvested the potatoes, did you re-plow that land before you tried to put some tomatoes on it? I'm pretty new at it as well.