Choose to make it good.

Today was a good day. Even though it was the first day of classes. And even though we've got some family drama going on around here. I chose to make it great.

Got to school early so I could watch the most boring lecture ever a lecture for my Christianity & Ethics class. It's on YouTube! But it's not as fun as this.

After the lecture, I made my way over to my Spanish class. On the way I stopped at Einstein Bros. for a bite to eat. I got an asiago bagel with onion & chive shmear (I asked the guy to go easy on the shmear). Um, not ever again. I thought the asiago would be baked into the bagel like some delicious bread I get at my HEB. No, it's more like a slice of it on the outside of the bagel. It was all kinds of greasy/oily too. I peeled it off. And I had to scrape a little more than half of the shmear off because I guess the guy forgot I said to go easy on it. I'll stick with my everything bagel with a little bit of onion & chive. Yum! What's your favorite bagel/shmear combo?

Spanish class was pretty good. The guy in front of me was totally flirting really nice. La profesora es muy simpatica. But I still can't wait until Spanish is OVER! Counting down the days until August 6th...

And perhaps my favorite part of the run! It was great. Got my time down to 9:36!! Um, holy 20 seconds faster than yesterday! I guess the AC helps out. But I did notices that it was a little bit harder to breathe or something. Maybe because it was kinda cold? Tomorrow I think I'm going move on from the mile and add an extra lap, maybe more.

Skipped by the grocery store on the way home. Got so many goodies! My cart was at least 3/4 full of fruits and veggies.

And now I'm hanging out, watching reruns, and munching on some chips and salsa. The husband and dog are at the in-laws' working on the yard. I guess I should study some of this Spanish if I'm gonna do well on my exam on Friday.

Hope everyone had a good Monday!



Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I had a "choose to make it good" Monday myself!

My favorite bagel is a whole wheat toasted with strawberry cream cheese. Mmmm

Second favorite is cinnamon and raisin toasted with butter and cinnamon sugar. Mmm (not as many Ms there)