Pasta with Sweet Potato

We ran around all day. The farmer's market that I ended up going to was a bust. We got there too late and apparently it's better on Fridays. Then we did a bunch of errands. And then we went to the pool (so much fun). I am totally beat!

And boy was I hungry. But there was no way I wanted to go out for dinner (our usual weekend "thing"). Since we'd been out of town this week, I had no groceries in the house either. Except some sweet potatoes, some mostly empty boxes of pasta, a bag of broccoli and carrots, and two frozen Italian sausages.

I found a recipe at Real Simple that intrigued me. I'd never put sweet potatoes in with pasta before. But I love butternut squash ravioli and pumpkin ravioli, so I thought maybe this would be similar.

It was okay. I probably won't make it again though. I didn't have any oregano (I don't really like it), but I used some sage that was in the pantry. I also microwaved the sweet potatoes. There's no reason to bake them for an hour when they take 5-6 minutes to nuke. I ended up adding some nutmeg because it just didn't really taste like anything.

The husband got this wild hair to go mow the yard and told me to eat without him, so I don't have his review yet.