South Texas

We're moving. Soon. And I'm finding myself laying awake at night thinking about all sorts of things.

When exactly?
Will we ever find a house?
What if we have to live in the Holiday Inn Express?
How am I supposed to move 4 hours away at the same time I'm supposed to give birth?
Can I exist in a town that doesn't have a Joann's?

These are the thoughts that keep me up when I stir around 230 AM.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really looking forward to living down there. It's gorgeous, peaceful, quaint. I'm just not looking forward to the move.

I mean, who wouldn't want to live here?




So beautiful. I'd love for our son to get to experience having a beach in his backyard. I can't wait to be able to experience that small town life.

It's just the getting there part that's making me anxious.