Hubby's late-birthday Mario quilt

Pieces of the husband's Mario quilt:
1up is done!

I wanted to have the Mario quilt done by this past weekend so that I could give it to my husband for his birthday, but I had some other stuff come up (oh, I was lazy too) and it didn't get finished. Today I did the 1up mushroom, but now I don't really know how I want the rest of the quilt to look. I'm thinking there will be a pieced border that looks like the bricks from the game, with the "question mark" bricks in the corners. But other than that, I don't yet know where Mario is going, nor where the 1up mushroom is going. The two characters are not the same proportion, so I cannot make a "scene" from the game. I was thinking (just now) that maybe I'd make one big brick that the 1up is coming out of and piece the words "1 up" above it and make that the quilt top. Then I might position Mario on the back near where I'm going to add a label. So really it's more of a "1 up" quilt than a Mario quilt. :)

And now that I've thought that all through, I do believe that is the plan I am going to go with. Now to figure out those bricks...