Friday is for Friends and Fabric Stores

Today I met an online friend for the first time. We had lunch (and ordered the exact same thing!) and spent more time searching for elusive elevators in the mall than shopping for things we actually needed (ahem - PANTS). Her baby is ridiculously cute and seriously the most well behaved small human I've ever encountered.

After that I went to the fabric store. THE fabric store.

Okay, so I was prepared to spend some change in there today (what?! I only spent $10 at the mall...). I had four different fabric swatches in my purse. I wanted to match some stuff (do I really need to match my swatches with SOLID WHITE FABRIC?), get some other stuff (some sort of binding for the "vintage" flowery yellow baby quilt I just made), and find more printed super soft stretchy knits.

Well, I struck out. No binding. No printed super soft stretchy knits. And I decided to just get some white at Joann's because it would be cheaper.

BUT I did get some material I've been coveting. And because my leg hurts really bad for some reason, I'm not going to get up and find the camera to take a picture of it. But you've all seen it anyways, because who hasn't seen Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane line?

I purchased a half yard of each of:

Church Flowers Green,

Picnic Bouquet Sky,

Pocketbook Green,

and Slim Dandy Blue.

Do I even have a project for these yet? No. But I have some ideas. The other day I got my graph paper and colored pencils out and designed a couple of quilts. So maybe one of those. Or maybe a cute summer bag. I'm not sure.

Why is is that we can WANT COVET DROOL over fabric, but once we have it, we cannot bear to cut it?!

But I will. I have to show this stuff off.



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When you meet Lizzy House can you please tell her I love Castle Peeps? Also I am way jealous!