2 more pantry meals and the plan for the rest of the week

Friday's dinner was Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti. I totally forgot to take pictures of what it looked like before we ate though. Just imagine spaghetti with a piece of chicken on top. :)

Place frozen chicken breasts in the Crock Pot, sprinkle on some dried basil and garlic/onion seasoning blend. Pour on an undrained can of diced tomatoes (28 oz) and a can of tomato sauce (15 oz). Cook on high for 4 hours. I broke up my pasta (1/2 of a 13.5 oz box) and put it in at the beginning with all the other ingredients, but it got a little too soft. Next time I'll put it in halfway through the cooking time (maybe even later).

We usually dine out on the weekends, so there's nothing to post for Saturday and Sunday.

Tonight's dinner was Chicken and Rice casserole from the (current) August 2010 issue of Cooking Light. We liked it a lot. I purchased the squash only. It was really, really good! It took a LONG time to make though, because of all the steps. But I guess worth it.

My changes:
-The store didn't have zucchini, so I just doubled the squash
-I used some rice I had frozen from a week or so ago, that's why there are carrots in it :)
-I totally skipped the milk/flour part. Why? Because I suck at it and ended up with a mixture of milk and flour lumps. I don't think it was missing at all from the recipe though. I guess it makes it more creamy? Tasted great without it!
-Didn't broil it...out of sheer laziness.

The rest of the recipes for the week, and part of next week, are as follows:
Sweet and Spicy Citrus Tilapia - all ingredients on hand
Chicken Noodle Casserole - all ingredients on hand
Sauteed Chicken and roasted potatoes - all ingredients on hand
Southwestern Chicken and White Bean Soup - purchase: green salsa
Sauteed Tilapia with Lemon Pepper Pan Sauce - all ingredients on hand

I won't be cooking tomorrow though - it's my birthday! We're going out. But I like that I only have to buy some green salsa in addition to normal weekly staples though! That grocery receipt is gonna be short. :)