Okay, I'm panicking. I don't panic, ever. I'm super laid back and I take things as they come. But today, I'm panicking.

Side note: I HATE when people say "Just'll get done....blah blah blah" when someone is upset about something. So please don't say that. It's pretty rude actually. The person is upset. Telling someone to just relax is stupid, if they could do that, they wouldn't be upset in the first place, genius.

Okay, so the nursery. I have a friend that is about 2 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy. AND HER NURSERY IS DONE (from what I can tell in pics). Um, mine? Yeah, not even cleaned out yet. There are boxes (oh my God are there boxes) and piles of fabric and the shredder and a stack of picture frames and suitcases. I think at one point the Discovery Health Channel filmed an episode of Hoarders in there.

I haven't ordered the fabric to make any of the baby's stuff.
I haven't found a dresser/changing table.
I haven't found a chair and ottoman.
I haven't found an area rug.
I cannot for the life of me find the type of artwork I'd like for the wall.
It's not painted.
The moldings are not put up.

Basically it's a black hole junk-pit without any cute baby stuff.

We DO have the crib (though it's not put together and there's no mattress yet). And we at least picked out and have in our possession a paint sample.

So for now, our baby is going to go to sleep at night in an USPS priority mail box and I'll change his diaper on a big black leather computer chair.

Mother of the year, right here folks. The poor kid isn't even born yet. He doesn't stand a chance.



Monday, July 05, 2010

The good news: When nesting kicks in, oh man does it kick in.

The bad news: Not gonna lie, it probably won't all get done before the baby gets here. :(

The good news: The baby doesn't care. I know you care A LOT, but the baby will be content with a minimum of the crib getting put together and getting a crib sheet. The rest is really for you. Make a list of everything you have to get done, prioritize what you care about most and start tackling projects. When you need motivation, remember that it's way easier to accomplish these things with the baby in than when they're out.