What I've been up to...

I'd like to blame my absence on life swallowing me up, but that'd be a lie. I'm addicted to the internet and I've been here. Just not posting. I've even made things. Well, started things. Lots of things. But lots of things are not finished either. Including that growing a human being thing. That's taking FOR.EV.ER. Proof:

30 Weeks

We're painting so my house is a WRECK. And it's taking us way too long to paint just one room. And we have another to paint (the nursery ♥). Shortly after we moved in here in 2007, we painted the living room grey. We wanted it grey, and we chose a color that was just way too dark. It was Behr Amazon Stone. Well, it turned the living room into a cave. We finally decided to repaint it. This time we picked Behr Sparrow. SO MUCH BETTER. It's perfect, even if it's only on 2.3 walls so far. And can I tell you how AWESOME that Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint is? We went with a light color over a dark color and didn't need a primer. No, I'm not getting compensated in anyway, nor did anyone ask me to do a review of this paint. I just love it that much. We'll only buy this stuff from now on, because it just goes on nicely.

Enough about the paint.

Sewing. That's more fun, right? Today I'm mad at sewing though. It's my own fault really, but I'm still mad at it none-the-less because I'm pregnant and I get to be irrational like that (sometimes). I ran out of white thread and everything I want to sew requires white thread. I had some grand plans for today, but now I'm just sulking.

I have been working on some quilt tops. Here's one:

Option 1

It's broken up there in the top right, but I fixed it before sewing all the blocks together. I also switched out the blues with the white print for blues without a white print.

I've collected some fabrics for a new top (I'm thinking tumblers for this one!):

Red & Aqua <3

I made a baby blanket and a pincushion. I have plenty of baby blankets. The pincushion I actually needed though (it looks a little shabby because I sewed it by hand).

What I did today.

I also began the Herculean task of hand piecing a postage stamp quilt. Using 1.5 inch squares (1 inch finished). I really like doing it. It's nice and relaxing and I can do it anywhere. But it will take me forever. I'll post some pics when I have more completed. I only have five 25-patch blocks done at the moment.

I watched a video from Missouri Star Quilt Company about making a Dresden Plate. I found the ruler at Hancock's yesterday on clearance. I tried making a small one with scrap 2.5" squares. But it's all crooked. So I didn't even finish it.

I've also made a thank you gift for someone, but she may read this so I am going to wait until after I give it to her to post it.

I've been working on an inventory for an Etsy store. I don't plan on getting rich and famous with it, but it'd be nice to share some of the stuff I do with other people. More details on that later.

So that's about it. Lots of sewing. Not enough finishing of things.



Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wow! You've been so busy! Good to see what you've been up to. Miss you:)