Upcoming Pantry Meals

I'm happy to report that I've assessed the situation in the pantry & freezer, and I do believe that I can go TWO FULL WEEKS without having to purchase a ton of other ingredients. Maybe longer, but I stopped at two weeks on my meal planner :) Yes ladies and gentlemen, that's how much food I've had stocked up. Here's the breakdown:

Tonight: Chicken breast, roasted potatoes, steamed fresh broccoli & carrots
Tomorrow: Beef stroganoff with noodles, steamed fresh carrots
Friday: Corn dogs, tater tots, frozen corn
Saturday: Turkey tacos, rice and beans
Sunday: Shepherd's pie
Monday: Pan fried flounder, rice, canned green beans
Tuesday: Popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes, frozen corn and lima beans
Wednesday: Crockpot chicken spaghetti
Thursday: Tuna casserole
Friday: Mexican chicken casserole
Saturday: Chicken fried rice, steamed carrots
Sunday: Chicken alfredo pasta, frozen vegetable medley
Monday: Bruschetta chicken bake, frozen vegetable medley
Tuesday: Crockpot chicken taco soup

I should only need to purchase a can of tomato sauce for the chicken spaghetti and some mozzarella cheese for the bruschetta bake (maybe I'll add it to the chicken spaghetti too!).

Also! Last night I whipped up 15 breakfast tacos for the freezer. I needed to use up 9 eggs before they got too old. I had some frozen bell peppers and onions, and I used some of the refried beans, cheese, salsa and tortillas from the party. Yum! I need to freeze those banana muffins I made yesterday too, and I'll have lots of breakfasts ready to go.

After I get the pantry cleaned out, I am thinking I'm going to embark on some Once A Month Cooking sort of thing. Anyone out there have any favorite recipes for this? I have a couple that we know we like already, but I'll be looking for a few more. Also, have you been shopping from your pantry? Tell me what you've found in there!