How I Saved Money Last Week!

-Fruit of the Loom Bikinis (what?! I need some comfy post-partum panties! lol) - $4.50 (sale price) for the 7 pair bonus pack, used a $1/1 peelie to get them for only $3.50, or $0.50 each!
-Degree for Women travel size deodorant (for the hospital bag!) - $0.97, used a printable $1/1 coupon to get it FREE!
-Pink Lemonade flavored Lip Smackers lip balm - $1.49, used a printable $1/1 coupon to get it for $0.49
-(2) Charmin 24 pack of Big Rolls - $13.99, used a $1/1 Target coupon (from the mail), and a $0.25 coupon from the Sunday paper to get it for $12.74 (this isn't the greatest deal ever, but we were about to be out of TP and this was the best I could do)
-Graco Snugride infant car seat base - clearance for $19.98! My mom was going to buy one for her truck that day anyways, so I called her up just in time and told her about this one and scored it for her for half of what she was about to spend!
-Circo Crib Sheet Saver - clearance for $1.98 (from $7.99). I have no idea why this was clearance. It was the only one in the clearance section, and there was an identical one on the hook in the regular priced section (of course I checked it on the scanner too, but no dice).

-Head and Shoulders shampoo for the husband - $3.97, used a BOGO coupon to get two, or $1.99 each (not the best deal possible, but again, it was something he needed and I would have paid full price without the coupon).
-Pampers baby wipes - $1.97 on Rollback, used a $1/1 coupon from the mail to get it for $0.97
-Tucks medicated wipes (I hear these are good for post-partum relief) - $2.74 each, got three and used two printable coupons ($5/2 and $3/1) to get them for about $0.07 each

-I sold some of my old clothes to Plato's Closet and got $53.30 in CASH! I was pretty excited about that one. I'm going to take some more stuff later on this week I think. It is definitely easier to make a decision whether or not to keep an article of clothing where there's the prospect of getting cash money for it if you get rid of it...

-Due to shopping from the pantry, I didn't buy groceries. This has been running me about $60 or more per week lately, so that was a nice savings!

-I made 4 crib sheets. It seems like crib sheets were running about $8 a piece at all the stores, and I need to stock up for this baby. I could have easily spent about $40 on them, but instead I purchased 2 twin sized flat sheets ($3 each) and 4 yards of elastic ($0.97 each) from Walmart and just made them myself. I got 2 crib sheets from each twin sheet by just cutting it in half and using this tutorial from Prudent Baby for the rest of the steps (she used almost 2 yards of designer material, but I chose a much cheaper option by using the twin sheets as my fabric). 4 crib sheets for $10, for a savings of $30!

This week I plan to save money by continuing to not buy groceries, by selling some more clothes to Plato's Closet, and to commit to not dining out on the weekend. I also need some nursing bras, so I am sure I'll find a good deal on those somewhere. Other than that I have no other purchases planned, so there isn't much else I can do to save some moolah.