Baby, it's cold outside.

It was so nice and warm on Saturday. Then yesterday, it started out nice and then the temperature plummeted (all the way to like the 40s!). This morning, it's pretty dang chilly out there.

Today I am taking charge of my body situation. I have a new found source of motivation (prayer!) and I'm ready to rock this. I've got a plan, but I am trying to focus on doing this ONE DAY AT A TIME. Today, I am proud of myself for getting out of bed at 5:45AM, putting on my running clothes and getting out the door. That's a BIG step.

I didn't make it very far. It started raining. I turned around and ran back home. The old, pouty, down-on-myself me would have whined about it and let discourage me. NOT THIS TIME! I'm praising myself for doing what I did today, and remembering that tomorrow is another day. And there is plenty of time left in THIS day. I've got a workout DVD handy and channel 117 has all the workout shows a girl could ask for.

Have a great day everyone!



Monday, January 05, 2009

What a great attitude. I have such a hard time with the One day at a time idea. I just can't get myself to live by it. Though I wish I could.

Good for you for getting out there and going for that run! You can do it!