Better days.

I had a rough couple of days. Today I feel better. I haven't spiraled down too far, and I've managed not to sabotage my eating.

Now that I've gotten through some bad days without messing up my eating, I know that it's possible. In fact, I probably got out of my slump faster because I was still being mindful about what I was eating. And I was still eating.

So today I emerge victorious! :)

I'm going to build a dresser today. I'm also going to do the new 30 Day Shred DVD that Teague got for me (per my request). And there's always the walk with Kosmo. I really enjoyed yesterday's walk. He was chasing birds and turtles and had a good time. I think I may bring some bread to feed the ducks today.

I got my WW magazine last night and there are a few recipes in there I will try. I wish my camera wasn't acting up, because I want to put some pics on my other blog. If I remember, I'll use my mom's camera.

I'm kinda bummed because my audio book isn't reading in my laptop. I usually listen to it this way when I'm not in my car. It started skipping, so I took it out to clean it. Now it won't play at all. Oh well. I'll put it in the CD player while I build the dresser later.

Okay then. This post seems to be pretty gloom free. So that's a good thing. I let my mind wander and it didn't go to the doldrums. Holla!



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Glad you seem to be in better spirits KA!