Snap out of it.

That's what I keep telling myself. Snap out of it.

It's gotta get better. It can only get better. Today I can make it better.

I want to move. I want to get out of this house. I want to have my own stuff and a place to put my clothes. I want to have my own kitchen where I can feel comfortable cooking. I want to be able to do the laundry at 2 AM if I want. I want to let Kosmo bark at birds in the morning without him waking up other people.

Soon. SOON. It can't be that much longer. The Spain move is possible in the next few months. God, I hope so. I need a definite answer from them. They still say we're going, but they won't say exactly when. It's their fault we're homeless right now, the least they could do is tell us how long it will be.

We've been looking at big purchases. We've been looking for lofts or condos or something towards downtown Houston. We've also been looking for a newer car. And we've talked about finally starting our family in a year or so. But none of that is going to happen if we go to Spain. So we can't do anything about anything right now.

That's the story of my life. I have the answers on what can fix things, but I cannot implement. Frustration. Argh.



Monday, January 12, 2009

Ah man I would hate to not know what's coming next.

I hope you can get some answers soon!