Saturday errands.

Today is a nice day! It may be cold, but it looks nice outside. I'm sure I'll need a sweater.

My plans for today are grocery shopping and getting my hair did. :P

We had a wonderful time at the drive in last night. Mom lent us her truck so we didn't have issues with not being able to see. We're usually in the Satillac, and she's very low to the ground. The movies were good. I had actually been looking forward to Mall Cop more than Seven Pounds, but I think I liked Seven Pounds better. I still am not entirely sure why they call it Seven Pounds. I have an idea and I need to do some research. But I'm not gonna spoil it for everyone...

Dinner at Arby's was good, but it didn't live up to the pedestal I've been putting it on. It was decent for the calories though. I got the Beef n Cheddar and 2 potato cakes (and unsweet tea). The potato cakes were *nom* and the sandwich was good, but not fabulous. I will probably be going to Arby's in the future to get dinner if we need to stop at fast food, though. My meal was only 594 calories. That seems better than most fast food places. I don't know...maybe I'll have to look into that too.

I used to make a little chart that I kept with me in the car that told me what the better choices at fast food places are. I'll have to do that again. No excuses!!

For my hair today, I'm just getting my usual. Touch up my highlights and a trim. Nothing fancy. I do look forward to the shampoo though. That's my favorite part. And the grocery store. I think that's my favorite errand in the whole world. I have to resist all the temptations of the samples. I have some sugar free gum I can chew, and that helped last time. Gotta stay strong!

I've still got to fit in walking Kosmo and doing that dang 30 Day Shred that I never seem to get in. And I really need to straighten up this upstairs. Our room and the media room are not very tidy.

Happy Saturday everyone!