I still exist.

I'm so very sorry I've been neglecting my little blog lovelies. I have been SO VERY busy with the last bits of school this semester. I'm going to inundate y'all with lots of pics because I have a lot of things to share from the time I've been gone from the blog. And also I may not be on here for another week or so while I finish up some stuff.

Good news though! Thursday and Saturday are the last official days of class. Then I have finals, in which I only have to take TWO of four classes. Yay! And only one of those is going to be in the area of hard. So I'm feeling pretty good about them.

I have 3 papers due within the week. One due on Thursday, one due on Saturday, and one due on Tuesday. The Tuesday paper is my BIG paper and I'm actually having a lot of fun writing it (I already finished the other two). Here's what writing my paper looks like:

I regret to inform that I have not been doing very well in the eating of healthy and nutritious foods. I've kind of been relying on convenience foods and it's not going very well. I think I've gained like 5 pounds, but I'm staying away from the scale until Friday. I have been doing well with not eating when I'm not hungry and/or stopping when I'm full. I'm still being mindful of portion sizes and stuff, but I'm not obsessing over every bite like I usually do. Hopefully once I switch back to fresh veggies and stuff when things are less hectic my body will get back to normal.

My new favorite breakfast:

Blackberry, banana, spinach, flax smoothie

My new favorite dinner:

Fabulous taco salad made with romaine, Boca crumbles made with taco seasoning, tomatoes, avocado, salsa, low fat cheese, fat free sour cream, green onions, and crunched up tortilla shells

OH!! I totally want to thank everyone that participated in Erin's bake sale and auction. Y'all rock! And BIG FAT JUICY thanks to Erin for doing that whole thing and helping everyone kick cancer's ass.

Here's what I made for the lucky winner of the blondies I donated:

So yumtastic. This is a pic of Kosmo trying to trade his toy for a blondie (his negotiations were futile, BTW):

And even though I've been busy, I have snuck in a few nights of fun times with the gang. Single ladies, the guy in blue is taken but the other two yahoos are looking...and being the girl sometimes they think it's my job to pimp them out to all my girls. But fewer and fewer of my lady friends are single anymore...

Houston got ridiculous amounts of rain for the past two days (eleven inches!) and my neck of the woods (along with many others) got flooded. Both houses are fine, but the yards were super saturated with water (the pic below was from yesterday, before another whole night of storms + flooding, and doesn't look as bad as it really was). Many people were stranded after trying to drive through the high water in some places. It took me two hours to get to school this morning, and I was 30 minutes late. But only like 7 people braved the elements to get there anyways so it wasn't a big deal. Most of the water has receded now and all should be better by tomorrow. I tried to get a pic of the creek thing that runs directly behind the house, but nothing would come out good. But it was even more full than when Hurricane Ike came through here last fall!

Oh, I've purchased thestepfordwife.com so in the near future we'll be dropping the .blogspot and moving to that. But I'm not sure when because, well, I've got other things to do right now.

Alright kids, that's all I got. Good night!



Wednesday, April 29, 2009

That smoothie looks delicious!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good luck finishing up your paper and on your finals! I've got them next week as well; I am so ready for this semester to be OVER!