Happy Mother's Day, Momma!

Spent the day shopping with Mom and the sis. It was a good day! Lots of giggling and window shopping and trying on super expensive stuff and buying ridiculously cheap stuff.

I got FOUR dresses. It's only May, but it's so dang hot already. I really needed something light and airy to keep me from melting while schlepping across campus this summer.

Here are two of them (the other two aren't online):

I actually ordered this one online because I went to two different stores and they didn't have my size. But it was $UPAH cheeeeep and I wanted it. It isn't near as BLUE as it looks in this pic though. Only $17 shipped! $core!!

I got this dress in a wine color, but they don't have it on the website. This one was only $13! Double $core!!

The other dresses were from Ann Taylor Loft (black & white floral cotton print with a little ruffle at the neckline) and Forever 21 (cool dark purple & ecru tie dye super soft cotton). I'm actually building quite a little collection of cotton sundresses. Thank goodness, because I'll be in class every Monday through Thursday for two months straight and I'll need some things that aren't denim! I'm also gonna get a gauzy white skirt and some tanks in various colors, and I think I'll be set. Oh, and I still need that white cardi...

Breakfast today was actual huevos rancheros made with a tortilla. But only one. So I guess it was huevo ranchero. And then I didn't even eat it because I got really grossed out by something and eating was just not going to happen. I know.... [insert lecture here]. :P

We did go out soon after that and had lunch right away though. I got a (can you guess?) TACO.SALAD. Yeah, I think I'm addicted. It wasn't a "bad" taco salad either. No deep fried bowl. No rice. No melted cheese. Just a gigantic bowl of salad, carrot shreds, onions, tomatoes, avocado, a dallop of sour cream, and a little bit of tortilla chip shreds. I added a little salsa to it. And I did eat about 15 tortilla chips with the salsa. And guzzled no less than 4 12 oz glasses of iced tea.

Later on we snacked on big soft pretzels. I had half of a cinnamon sugar pretzel and half of a regular salted pretzel. Good stuff!

Sis needed to get back on the road for Austin and Mom didn't want to go out for dinner. The husband and I went to McAllister's Deli and I had a (there is a trend going here...) TACO.SALAD!! Well, half of one with veggie chili and a cup of potato soup. I didn't think about it at the time, but I am thinking there may have been a negligible amount of bacon in the soup. Oooops.

When we got home, we took the dog for a walk. We went around the lake this time since I am still a little traumatized about last night.

Kosmo made a friend. I should have gotten his and his furmomma's name. We could be walking buddies! Maybe I'll see her again. The pups really got along well.

Then Kosmo tried to make another friend. Actually, I think he was trying to make dinner plans with a duck/goose/white bird with a crazy red beard/whatever that thing is called. My dog needs to be locked in a cage. I can't take him anywhere!

The most interesting part about this story though, is that I thought the bird was safe, because he was on the other side of a 10ish foot wide section of the lake. Kosmo does not like water. He will go in it just enough to where his legs get wet, then he's done. Yeah, he jumped. Right into the water. He was still on the leash too. He swam across, all the while the husband was trying to pull him back. He got out on the other side and then didn't want to come back. Too bad, because there was no way we could get across without wading through. So we coaxed him back and he very reluctantly swam back to us. Punk.

Check out the smile on his face!

I think it's time for obedience training. He's going to try to eat a baby next. :-/


  Alana @ The Good Girl Gone Blog

Monday, May 11, 2009

At least you stopped yourself at 4! I go crazy when it comes to spring dresses!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Those dresses are adorable! I especially love the one with the bows on the shoulders. I tried commenting on the other post about dresses because I really like those two you are thinking about wearing for your DH's birthday, but my internet stopped working... so I'll tell you now, those are cute too!

I'm a big fan of taco/southwest style salads too. I love that they can be done pretty healthy and still taste good.


Monday, May 11, 2009

I must be stopped. Someone must take away my credit cards. I needed to destress after turning in my paper so I decided to go shopping. I went to WHBM and spent $300 then went to Gap and bought 2 dresses and a skirt.

...and I still need a dress for graduation!

  Kristan Anne

Monday, May 11, 2009

Season - you spent $300 at WHBM and STILL didn't get a grad dress? LMAO. What happened to all those ones you were looking at? I saw some really cute stuff at Macy's this weekend.


Monday, May 11, 2009

I know, I know! One of the dresses I bought might work, but I'm still going to go to Nordstrom after class tomorrow.

I wanted the cute back dress from WHBM, but they only had it in sizes 0-4. Grrr.

  Kristan Anne

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bummer! That's why I ordered that one blue one online. But you don't have time for that!

Nordy's should have some good stuff.