Hi all!

I'm sorry I've been non-existent. We had a very busy weekend, and I also have not been feeling well or sleeping. It was bad enough that I actually fell asleep at a Memorial Day party yesterday while everyone was in the pool! Ooooops.

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend, but more importantly I hope everyone took some time to reflect on why you had a long weekend. Since I didn't post anything yesterday, I'd like to publicly thank the vets now. Thank you for all that you've done for all of us. Thank you for being brave and strong and amazing. Thank you for giving up and losing more than the average person is willing to give up and lose. Thank you vets. Just thank you.

I got this photo from the US Dept of Defense photo archive. There are some amazing photos of our bravest men and women just doing their jobs there. I recommend that you take a look.

Today I feel better. Thankfully I am on a break between semesters and I was able to sleep for like 12 hours straight last night. I think I just need some water and a nice bath and I should be good as new!

We finally watched the episode of LOST last night that we missed a long ass time ago that made us not able to continue on with the series on the correct schedule. Episode NINE!! It was the one where Jack, Hurley, and Kate (and Sayid) come back to the island and the plane crashes and Sun, Frank, and Ben are also on the island with some new people. Yeah, it was that long ago. LOL Hopefully we'll get in another couple of episodes tonight, and then the rest tomorrow. I want to know what happens!!

Actually, tomorrow we are going to make sure to watch The Goode Family on ABC. Holy crap that is going to be funny.

Now I really need to go get some water to guzzle down. My kidneys are screaming at me! That and my blog reader is about to explode from not being read for a few days. Have a good Tuesday (even if it feels like a Monday)!



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WOW you are way behind with LOST! LOL DBF and I love that show... I think we looked forward to Wednesday nights almost as much as the weekends :) I can't believe it's going to be a year almost until the new ones. Oh, and you might want some tissue for the last episode... at least, I did.

And I'm with you on The Goode Family - looks funny!