Last true day of the Spring 09 semester.

I took my last final for the semester today. It was easy.

I am not hungry today. I have barely eaten because of that. I made a smoothie this morning, well, more like a thick juice maybe. It was a can of peaches and an orange blended with ice. It tasted really good, but I forgot to take a picture. There wasn't any protein or anything in it to make it count as a full meal though.

Lunch. I knew I didn't have much left at home to make a decent lunch from. So I stopped by my favorite grocery store on the way home to get some ideas. I was not inspired at all. I grabbed some goat milk brie, hummus, pita, olives, israeli couscous, and fresh fruits & veggies. When I got home, I just didn't want anything. I did eat though, because I knew I needed to. I had some watermelon + salt, a bunch of strawberries, a few kalamatas, some hummus + olive oil, and a pita cut into triangles. It was enough I suppose. I wasn't hungry before eating, and I'm not hungry now.

Dinner will be some cool pasta (I can't remember the name of it right now, but it's an awesome shape!) with some chunky tomato primavera sauce (lots of veggies). It's from a jar [insert judgy comment here]. I also have some Morning star Italian sausages.

I got some plantains at the store today, too. I've never had them before. The sign at the store said to bake them in their skin just like a potato. I'm going to look for some recipes for them. I still have lots of mangos, too, that need to be used. I'm going to come up with something tasty, I hope.

There's a yoga studio near my house that offers a beginner class tomorrow morning. I want to go, but I'm feeling shy and intimidated about it. But it's only $15 (I think, that's what they list as their drop-in rate on their website, and no mention of the price for the beginner class). I'm gonna set the alarm and try to make it there.

Okay, gotta get off my tush and get some stuff cleaned up around here. I'll check back again after dinner!