Nothing tastes good today.

Do you ever have days where nothing tastes good?

I don't know what is up with today, but everything tastes icky.

I made Kath's oatmeal pancake, inspired by Erin. I did not like it at all. It didn't taste like anything except some kind of mushy cardboard or something. But it has to be good, right? I'm going to try it again some other time.

And my smoothie tastes about as good as it looks (hint: bland and gross). It contained spinach, strawberries, banana, and raspberries. I used water instead of some kind of milk substance. Total disappointment.

And since I didn't eat the pancake, I ate a Bumble Bar. The cashew kind. It's decent, but not what I wanted this morning. You know what I find interesting though? It's a vegan bar, but the back of it says that there my be traces of dairy in it. How does that work? I'll probably try all the other flavors though. It has a lot of fat in it from all the seeds and stuff, and I need that because I rarely eat good fats.

(Sorry for the sideways pic, blogger is being lame and is turning it for some reason)

Blah. Today doesn't feel promising. I don't feel like I got off to a good start. I've gotta get some stuff done (laundry, packing, cleaning, getting ready for the summer semester which starts Monday, baking a cake and preparing the husband's birthday dinner). I'll be back after lunch to report in what happens!



Thursday, May 28, 2009

It looks sorta like bird food... Did it take any kind of good??


Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have those days every once in awhile! They are the worst. I go to the pantry and nothing looks good......Oh for another day to come and the taste buds to be better. LOL

  Kristan Anne

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lara - it tastes like bird food! Really though, it's just seeds all stuck together. Doesn't taste bad, but it's not a Snickers!