So I went vegetarian for a while, remember? Well, not 100% because I'd still eat meat like maybe once a week. But most of the time it was all veg all the time.

This past week I have been eating meat. Only because I wanted it, and I figured I should go ahead and eat it if that's what I was craving. I've eaten mostly beef, and some seafood.

Of all the beef meals I have eaten (at least four), I can only say I've been content with one of them. It was a hamburger, but I was still not super satisfied with it because it was a little salty. All the rest of the beef meals have not been satisfactory. As for the seafood, one meal was delicious (shrimp enchiladas), but the rest were icky fish sticks.

I've also noticed a drastic change in my energy level, as well as my skin, and my mood even.

I wake up achy and sore even though I had no reason to be achy or sore (not much physical activity that would warrant those feelings). I am tired and groggy for about an hour after waking up. I have been a little cranky and not wanting to do much (for example, yesterday we were going to see a movie. While I was getting ready to go out I decided I'd rather stay home in my PJs. We stayed home. I was bored and annoyed anyways). My skin is acting up beyond what is normal. I'm dehydrated like no one's business, and I feel like no matter how much water I drink, I can't catch up.

All of these things started when I started replacing extra veggies and beans and whole grains with meat. Maybe it's not the meat's fault exactly, but it's at least the decrease in vegetable consumption that might be causing this.

So, for the rest of today and from now on, I'm going back to not eating meat. Even if I crave it, I simply cannot fit it in with all the extra vegetables I'm going to need to consume so that I can feel good. I don't like feeling this way and I need to fix it.



Sunday, June 28, 2009

You should read The Gradual Vegetarian. It's a little outdated, but it really helps the transition. I say for the next 6 months if you are really craving meat, eat it. Eventually those cravings go away, but if you resist too much it usually leads to complete meat meltdowns and giving up on being veggie.

I followed the Gradual method and never went back to eating meat. All of my friends went back and forth before giving up.