Food and stuff.

I'm still trying to decide about running today. On the one hand, I didn't run yesterday, so I probably should today. On the other hand, it's really hot and my leg was hurting last night just walking a couple of blocks. I don't want to make excuses not to go, but I also don't want to overdo it or hurt myself. Decisions, decisions.

Yesterday was a good & crappy food day for me. Breakfast was late (around 11 AM) and it was a bagel with cream cheese (of which I scraped off half) because I didn't have time to make a good breakfast before I left for school and I needed something in my tummy for the test. I thought carbs + fat would be a good option for keeping me sated and able to concentrate and it was. I'm hopeful for an A, I think I did very well!

I ate again around 3 PM, my traditional taco salad with hummus instead of beans (romaine, whole avocado, whole tomato, salsa, hummus, red onions). That kept me full until about 7 PM. Actually, I wasn't really hungry at 7, I just knew we were going out and partaking in drinking and I knew I needed some substance to keep me from getting sick. We didn't end up eating until about 9 PM anyways.

This is where the crappy part started. Everyone wanted to go to a place called Porch Swing Pub (Heights & Washington) because "they have such good food!". To them, good = fried and fried again. I looked at the menu and nothing looked good. Even their salads weren't tempting. I decided not to order anything. And then no one else was even getting food. So why the heck did we go to a place where the OTHER people wanted to go if they weren't even going to eat? Bah. I decided I really should eat or I was going to be cranky, so I ordered some spinach artichoke dip. It was icky. And spicy. So I didn't eat any. I had about 10 tortilla chips for dinner. >:-|

When we were done with our shenanigans, we went to our new late night meal spot for some really good Tex-Mex. El Rey is so delicious you don't even understand. But you have to wait like 30 minutes in the drive through. It's worth it. I ordered cheese enchiladas. We got back to our friend's apartment and I see that they gave me half a chicken. Thanks. So I ate about 1/4 cup of rice and 1/4 cup of beans and a tortilla I got from someone else's meal. So annoying.

Needless to say, I woke up super hungry. I ate one and a half bananas, 5 strawberries, a whole peach and a whole BIG mango in the form of a smoothie (with almond milk) + some cut up on the side. It was really filling despite the lack of protein. That was about 2 hours ago and I'm not hungry yet! I'm going to have an iceberg salad with a tomato, a carrot, half a big cuke, some blue cheese, some beets, some red onion, and some lite ranch later when I get hungry. And probably some chips + hummus on the side.

Dinner is likely going to be at the new Zoƫ's Kitchen that opened up like yesterday. Depending on my hunger level, I'm either doing the egg salad sammy (w/o mayo of course!) and potato salad, the quesadilla, or the Greek salad.

After dinner we've got plans to meet up with some people at a friend's birthday get together and then I'm sure we'll make our usual Washington St rounds to the Lot (frozen sweet tea vodka yum!!) and Pearl Bar and maybe the Drinkery. I'm guessing El Rey is going to be on the menu afterwards. And I'm totally checking my food this time.