Learning Curve.

We ran again tonight. I took yesterday off because of my leg pain from Tuesday. Tonight was the first night since I started this running thing that I was not excited to go out for a run. I had to drag myself out the door. And when I started, I was ready to give up. I just didn't want to do it and I made excuses to stop. My leg actually did hurt me a lot and that was what ultimately got me to stop running. After 2/3 of the mile, I walked the rest of the way. It was not my proudest moment at all.

But I do know WHY I didn't want to run. It was dinner. The husband and I went out with my parents and I thought some fried stuff dipped in ranch would be yummy. It actually wasn't. I drew the conclusion that I'm not all that fond of fried foods, I only eat them for the ranch. So from now on, when I'm tempted by the fried foods, I'll just get a salad (which I KNOW I like) and put the good ranch on it. Because that's all I really want after all.

And that meal made me feel so icky. So tired. So bloated. So blah. And it carried over to running time. Usually, when I have a wholesome and balanced dinner, I have oodles of energy to burn off when I run.

Now I know. I won't make that mistake again!

But the leg still hurts. Now I have to go to the doctor. Boo!

For those that care, the mile pace was 13+ minutes. Ack!! :(



Friday, July 10, 2009

LOL, my mile pace isn't much better. But I'm not training for anything other than to get good cardio, so I don't care!

That's great that you discovered that fried foods are not what you're really craving!