Hi all!

I'm back to the blogging world. I took a long break for many different reasons, none of which are interesting. One of them being that I did not have a camera and I don't like posting without pics.

I'm going to take this opportunity to warn y'all that from here on out this blog is gonna have a lot of weight loss talk. I'm really getting back on the weight loss wagon. In fact, I've (re)joined Weight Watchers and this time I'm actually going to go to meetings! Eek! I'm going to my first one tomorrow night, but my regular meeting will be on Mondays.

Went to the grocery store today and loaded up on TONS of healthy stuff. I'm excited! Dinner will be a WW shrimp recipe, fresh green beans, brown rice, and a salad. I'll post about that later so you can see the recipe and a picture.

My starting weight is 165.6 - the MOST I've ever weighed in my life - which is depressing, but instead of sulking about it, I'm gonna do something. My first goal is to lose 5% of my weight, which puts my goal at 157.3. That's 8.3 lbs. I will be super happy with that! I am even debating a super duper reward for meeting that goal, these Coach boots (in grey):

The problem is that I saw them in the Coach store at the Forum Shops on the Vegas Strip. They were on sale for like $280 or something like that, which is still really steep. I can't find them online anywhere except for Macy's, but they only have black and want $528 for them!! I am having a hard time finding a similar pair anywhere.

Another option for a goal reward is this clutch (in gunmetal) that I can't stop thinking about, also something I saw in Vegas.

It's a little more reasonably priced, but still a lot. Man, I have expensive tastes. I really want some jeans (the trendy kind with the big white stitching that I see all the time now) but I think I want to wait to buy clothing until I get to a size I'm more comfortable with.

And I will now leave y'all with my favorite pic of me and the husband from Vegas. Happy Monday everyone!



Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome back! :)


Monday, November 16, 2009

Yay! You're back! Sweet boots. (((Vegas)))


Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm glad you're back! You definitely deserve a reward for when you meet your goal. Only problem- which do you choose??