Shoe Tragedy

When I got these shoes from less than a month ago, I knew the bronze flats would be my absolute favorite. And they were. However, I've only worn them 3 whole times. I went to get them out of their box on the top shelf of my closet today and I immediately knew something was wrong.

Can you see what is wrong with this picture??

I last wore these on Thursday, and never noticed anything wrong. Took them off, put them away, never noticed a thing.

I cannot find the piece anywhere to try to fix it. Maybe the dog swallowed it...Kosmo has been known to eat shiny metal things. Evidence:

What is a girl to do? I am going to check with to see if they can do anything. I mean, the shoes are practically brand new. I don't think they should be broken already...if ever. Especially since the shoes are Nine West, which is a well known shoe designer. I shall let y'all know what says. I hope their customer service is as fab as their sales are!

UPDATE: I've received my answer from can see it here.