My phone thinks all new texts are being sent from the year 2016. So that's cool. It's almost like the future is communicating with me. It's telling me that, in 2016, I am still friends with some of the coolest people ever. ;)

A few days ago, I made this resolution to walk the pupster more often. Well as of day 1 I have not accomplished that. I didn't think the neighbors wanted to see me in the pajamas I have yet to change out of. Obviously the dog doesn't care, but some people get really irritated if you go out in public in pj pants.

Speaking of the dog...he totally tore up my closet last night. I guess he was paying attention in disaster safety class and learned that if you need to take cover in the house, you should find the smallest, most interior room that you can to crouch in until the storm passes. All the booms and bangs from last night's festivities made old Kosmo think the sky was falling. See, we don't have a dresser yet since moving back into the house, and so I've got a few piles of neatly folded clothes on the floor in there. Plus a box of things I don't want to get rid of even though my fatass healthier-than-2-years-ago body doesn't fit them anymore. Oh, and a drawstring bag full of the husband's dry cleaning. Well, when we got home last night at around 3 AM, the dogster had managed to cover the entire closet floor, plus a nice sized plot of the bedroom floor with every piece of clothing that was not hung up. Including every article that was in that box (and there was a lot) and he even moved the box outside of the closet. He did leave a nice little open spot in the corner where I imagine he passed out after ransacking the place. Thanks doggo.

I don't have any pictures of the aftermath, unfortunately. But speaking of pictures...this girl is gonna get herself a fancy new camera soon! I'm thinking a Nikon D3000. But this depends on how I feel about all the cameras once we get to the camera store. So be prepared for massive amounts of pictures that I think are super cool (but are really probably gonna be sub-par, but y'all can humor me and make me thing I am a fabulous photographer, right?).

Okay, then...I gotta go now. 2016 is calling texting me. I will report back with news of the future (which I hope to God doesn't involve teenage vampires).